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A modern collection of beds crafted in Teak wood and Teak veneer with natural, oak, walnut, cherry and wenge finishes.

The headboards are made with Teak wood structure and Teak veneer panels.

The bed frames are made in Teak wood and fitted to the Teak wood legs and the headboard. The joints are staple screwed, glued and in some models double dowelled to produce a robust and durable bed.

The mattress rests are made from plywood and fit perfectly in place when the bed is erected.

The beds are available in king and queen size double beds and single and super king-size beds.

Under bed floating and fixed type storages are made in plywood and polished with lacquers to match the bed finish. Fixed type storages come with Top hydraulic lift ups and side pull outs.

Floating type storages come with castor wheels for complete sliding in and sliding out and are the best solution to keep the under bed area clean and free of dirt and insects.

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No Worries,It's Teak Wood !

Teak has natural oils and rubber locked right into tight grains. All woods contains oils that protect the tree. Teak However,can retain these oils and its rubber even after being felled and Processed. This Protects your fine furniture from Dry rot and invaders like Fungi, Borers and termites.

Teak Wood Beds Customized

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