Materials: It's hard to tell the quality of a piece of furniture from a picture or for that matter the quality of the wood and other major materials used.

How do you make it certain that you are getting what you asked for? You need to know the difference between plastic, wood composite, wood veneer and different types of hard wood.

Most of our furniture is made using Teak Wood in different finishes like natural teak, walnut, cherry, rosewood and mahogany. When you place your furniture order with us ask for a FREE sample of the wood and finish being used to make your furniture.

An honest and open gesture NO other furniture brand would be willing to share.

Color, feel and texture: Computers, laptops and mobile phones depict colors very differently; it's very difficult to see the textures of the fabric on a computer screen.

Don't rely on what you see. You don't want to get stuck between brown and black both looking the same on your screen.

All our sofa are upholstered with Premium fabric from D'd├ęcor (World largest manufacture of upholstery), once you have ordered your sofa with us we send you swatches of 30 premium fabrics, you can choose the one that looks and feels right for your sofa. If you still couldn't find the right color and feel. No problem! Choose your own fabric* and we shall source it for your sofa.

A customized offering NO other brand in the country can offer.

(*We shall charge you the price difference)

Size: Size is like color, don't rely on what you see, it's hard to grasp scale from a picture and it could get confusing converting mm into cm, cm into inches and inches into feet.

What do you do to get the exact size to fit your space?

We make each piece of furniture after it has been ordered, so we can make the selected furniture to your EXACT size and dimension.

Once again a customized offering NO other brand in the country can match.

FREE Delivery and fitting: Sometimes Free Door Delivery could mean delivering till your apartment building.

What about delivering the furniture to your apartment on the 20th floor.

We and our logistic partner deliver the furniture right into the room of your apartment where you want that piece of furniture. No more pushing and dragging the heavy packets and scratching your floor.

Be rest assured your furniture is in good hands.

Full refund and returns: Most companies offer the option to return, but you usually have to pay for the shipping.

Why pay anything for something that's damaged or not what you ordered?

In case of refund you get the full amount you paid for without any deduction, except in case of third party finance EMI purchases. For returns we make a new piece of furniture and deliver and install it FREE.

No more conditions apply.

Photo updates* till shipping: Nothing can be more frustrating than waiting for your sofa to be delivered. You don't even know how it's getting made or whether it's being shipped out of stock from dusty warehouses.

You should know what's happening with your sofa till it is shipped.

We send you images of your Sofa as it travels through the production process, you can view the materials, workmanship and the care we take to manufacture your sofa.

A first of its kind customer service NO other company can match or offer.

(*Soon to be available for other furniture's)

Warranty: Buying furniture is a long term expensive decision and you need to know if your furniture shall stand the test of time. Most companies offer 1 year of product warranty.

Is that enough peace of mind?

We offer a three years warranty on all our products with regards to materials, manufacturing defects and workmanships.

A commitment NO other brand in the country can match.