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Wardrobes can be tricky unless you deal with them frequently, but of course most people onlybuy a new wardrobe every few years. We specialize in wardrobes and have what is probably the largest collection of contemporary and modern wardrobes available online, although sometimes it can seem as if we have too much choice. All of our wardrobes are modular in design, meaning they can be ordered from one door up to as many as you need.

Our wardrobes are somewhere in between free standing wardrobes and fitted wardrobes, as they are all freestanding (so can be moved if you move home), but can be designed and built to fit into specific spaces (angled to fit under stairs for example). Our wardrobes are available in width from 18 inches to 96 inches and height from 78 inches to 108 inches, so we can look at the size you need and we make sure you get as close as possible to that exact size (usually within ½ inch). No other company can match this kind of flexibility in sizes.

Types of wardrobes

We currently offer two types of wardrobes hinged and sliding and they both have their pros and cons. Which type you choose will depend on the space you have, the look you are trying to achieve and the type of storage you require.

Hinged Door Wardrobes These wardrobes tend to be the most flexible size-wise, with the largest number of different size increments. Suitable for smaller spaces they can start at just 18 inches wide with one door. They will also fit into corners. As cabinets are smaller they can be more flexible internally, especially if you want to have a lot of different types of hanging/pull out/drawer fittings. The least expensive type, usually.

Sliding Door Wardrobes Wardrobes with sliding doors can provide a cleaner look and many people prefer them. They have an advantage where you have plenty of width available but not much depth as the doors don't need to be opened out into the room, so could be installed opposite a bed for example. Doors are large, and the wardrobes start at 4 feet width, so if your gap is small a sliding door wardrobe probably won't be suitable. As a general rule they cannot be installed in corners, however we do have one that can, and they can't be cut to fit under stairs or in sloping lofts. A bit pricier than hinged door wardrobes but can be cost effective in large sizes.

Starting to look- first things first

When you start the process of looking for a new wardrobe you will need to understand the space you have to work with. You will need to think about windows, ensuring the wardrobe doesn't block any light. Wardrobes are approximately 24 inches deep, so you will want at least that. Other considerations are the power points, TV aerial or telephone points that are in use bear in mind that once up you won't be able to easily move the wardrobe to get to it.

For fully customized wardrobes we will need very exact measurements, so we would prefer to do a site visit first. Unfortunately we do have to charge for these, but that cost is deducted from the wardrobe price. We can provide this customized service in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Calcutta and Hyderabad at present. If you have an architect and have precise plans we can use these instead of a site visit, but they will need to be accurate. Also, if you have any particular price constraints do let us know so we can recommend the right product, some material, design and finishes are more expensive than others.

Deciding on design and color

Most of the different designs of wardrobe doors are represented on our wardrobe page. Pictures will show a wardrobe in a particular color, material and finish, but of course some wardrobe have a choice of colors, and if lacquer a choice of matt or gloss lacquer. Materials include laminates, veneer, lacquers, solid wood and acrylic, and new finishes are being released all the time so visit us again if you like a particular wardrobe but don't know if it is available in the finish you want.

As we also have a large range of bedroom furniture it is possible for us to supply you with wardrobes matching your bedroom furniture bought from us. We can ensure that the finishes and designs are all part of the same 'family'.

Lead time and installation

All our wardrobes are made to order and our factories do not keep items in stock. The lead time to installation is usually 4 weeks. Some designs are slightly quicker to produce than others, so if you are working to a particular time line let us know. Some finishes (gloss lacquer) take longer than others.

We have a very skilled wardrobe installation team who can assemble your wardrobe and can also cut panels of matching wood (known as filler panels, if ordered with the wardrobe) to provide an exact fit on the width. If your room is already carpeted that is fine, our wardrobes are designed to be equally stable on a hard floor or in thick carpet.

Although you will have decided on a design for your internal storage before ordering, however if you need to change something during installation our team can accommodate you if the request is possible and doable. Assembly of wardrobes usually takes a couple of hours, subject to the condition of your site.


We use one of the best quality materials from reputed suppliers for the construction of our modular wardrobes. The cabinets/carcass is made from Three Layered Compressed Wood, MDF and Laminated Plywood. Doors and shutters are made from Lacquered MDF, Veneered Engineered Wood, Pre-lam Engineered Wood, Veneered Plywood, Solid Wood and Acrylic. Hardware like hinges, drawer slides are from reputed German companies. All our wardrobes come with a Limited Three Years Warranty, against any manufacturing defects and deficiencies.

So, just go ahead an order your new Perfect wardrobe on ediy.in.

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