Wood Furniture (3 years)

Ediy.in provides 3 years limited warranty to the original purchases that the furniture is free from defects in material and workmanship as noted.

Warranty exclusion and details: Expansion, contraction, or extreme high/low humidity is not covered under this warranty. Furniture of wood will have natural variation in grain and colour and naturally occurring characteristics like knots, mineral streaks and pitch pockets are not considered as defects and thus are not covered by Warranty. ediy.in.in’s obligation is limited to repairing or replacing any part or parts covered under this warranty for normal use and conditions. Costs for packaging, shipping and installation are not covered by this warranty.

Sofas (5 years)

Wooden frame structure and steel springs (5 years)

Wooden frame and No sag steel springs are warranted against breakage during normal domestic (at home) use for a period of five (5) years.

Warranty Period: 5 year

Warranty exclusion and details: Warranty does not cover rust or tarnishing from scratches or abrasions to finish

Upholstery- Leather and fabric (1 year)

Leather products are warranted against tearing and cracking during normal domestic (at home) use for a period of one (1) year. Fabric products are warranted against seam slippage, fraying and dye transfers during normal domestic (at home) use for a period on one (1) year.

Upholstered backs, pillows and padding fabrics (1 year)

Warranty exclusion and details: Compression of filling material is not covered under warranty.

Slip Seats (1 year)

Warranty exclusion and details: Warranty does not cover normal compression of filling materials.

Seat Cushions (1 year)

Warranty exclusion and details: Loss of resiliency (cushions may get compressed upto one inch within the first year) is not covered by warranty. Warranty does not cover wrinkling, fading, or stains.

Glass and Mirror Parts (1 year)

Warranty exclusion and details: Glass table tops are to be used with care. Not constructed for seating. Small air bubbles, surface waviness and lightly pitted areas may occur naturally during glass manufacture. These are not to be considered as defects. Frosted glass has a tendency to get stained and cannot be treated as a defect.

Workmanship & other materials (1 year)

All other materials, parts, components and other furniture products not specifically included in the above warranties and workmanship are warranted against defects for one (1) year.

Warranty Exclusions

The writing is the complete and exclusive statement of the express warranties provided herein and is in lieu of all other express and/or statutory warranties by the manufacturer, to the extent provided by law. There are no implied warranties extending beyond the terms of this warranties. ediy.in shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential costs, expenses or damages.

Warranty Limitations

This warranty does not cover problems caused by improper installation of cabinets, cabinetwork, drawer guides or hinges.

This warranty does not cover any product used or installed in connection with cabinets, such as gas or electric appliances, countertops or plumbing fixtures.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by transportation, storage or exposure to excessive temperatures or to defects arising from misuse, neglect, accident, alteration, improper use or care or failure to maintain the furniture.

No installer, retailer, distributor, agent or employee of ediy.in has the authority to alter the obligations or limitations of any ediy.in warranty.

Warranty Disclaimers

This warranty is not transferable.

Wood characteristics naturally occurring such as variations in colour, grain, mineral streaks and knots are not considered as defects.

Colour variations in cabinets are a natural occurrence due to species, age, character of cabinets and exposure to UV light and sunlight. For this reasons, new and/or replacement cabinets may not much display exactly as per samples and/or existing cabinets. Such variations and changes are not considered defects.

Delivery dates are not confirmed, but suggested and are not liable for any claims.

Claims, if any under this warranty shall be only made before the courts having jurisdiction in Ahmedabad.

Warranty Performance

If a manufacturing defect does occur within the terms and conditions of this warranty such defective part will be repaired or replaced by ediy.in at its sole discretion. ediy.in will not provide or pay for the cost of removal of defective product, transportation of defective, repaired or replaced products or installation of repaired or replaced product.

To submit a claim please email – info@ediy.in