Review En-Counter

We believe publicity in any form is good for a brand, more so when you don’t have to pay for it. Over the last 2 years we have served over 5000 customers with their requirement of various customized furniture.

Recently we have been pointed out by few individuals about some reviews being posted on certain websites. On checking we came across some complaints which have long been attended to and resolved and some we find to be bogus posts by non-existent entities.

We are posting here communication between us and the customer, with regards to resolution of their issue and complaint and the action taken by us. The customers contact details are available for verification.

We are sure you would appreciate the fact, that having served more than 5000 customers, we find not more than 10 posts out of which more than half are bogus.

The Customer Grievance Officer of the company is the CEO and you can reach him on

We assure you an enjoyable and memorable furniture shopping experience on

Best regards

The Ediyots