Materials & Process

Sofas at ediy

Our Nordic Living collection of fabric sofa offers a wide range of models including sectional, reversible, daybeds and sofa beds.

We use Kiln Dried Teak wood and Water Resistant Plywood in our sofa frame construction and the joints are staple screwed, glued and in some ranges, double dowelled to produce a robust and durable frame.

Most of our sofa models have a Teak Wood base frame with legs, this offers additional stability to the sofa and support to the arms.

We use metal No-Sag Coil Springs combined with belt for the suspension of seat and back support on our sofas to provide a more even comfortable support for a prolonged period.

We offer both cushion back and pillow back sofas, which offer incredible comfort and support.

Our seat and back cushions are made from 40 density high resilience foam wrapped or topped with Supersoft Polyfibre for superior comfort, support and shape retention.

Our pillow cushions are filled with superior quality Polyfibre for a soft and comfortable back rest.

Our fabrics are of Premium quality sourced from one the world’s largest manufacturers of upholstery fabric and are a blend of Jute, Polyester and Cotton with rubs ranging from 20-40,000. The leather sofas have Premium Italian Leathers made from handpicked hides from Europe, South America and New Zealand, processed with sophisticated tanning technology at some of the top Italian tanneries. Our leathers are high quality full grain aniline with light pull up effect. Additionally our fabrics are coated with a water repellant backing, making them easy to maintain and clean.

Sofa Care

Buying a sofa is a long term investment and taking proper care could definitely prolong the life of your sofa. An important element in the décor of our homes is the care we demonstrate that is evident through appearances. It expresses much about us, our status, our aspirations and values. Correct care, however, can only be based on the knowledge of what is required. Therefore, it is worth noting and learning about easy-to- follow care tips and techniques that will help protect your investment and ensure added value through years of use and unsurpassed seating comfort.

Teak wood tables @ ediy

Our Dining Room collection has many models of tables from square to rectangle to round.

Our dining tables are made with sturdy legs designs in KD Teak Wood and fitted to the top with detailed T&M and dowelled joinery.

The table tops are made from edge glued and stapled KD Teak wood slats with T&G joinery, veneered panels, clear glass, painted glass and acrylic solid surface.

The wood coating is water based and Eco-friendly. A rotating serving tray and insert trays are offered as accessory with a few models.

Teak wood chairs @ ediy

The Chairs and Benches are made KD Teak wood with lacquer finish in Oak, Walnut, Teak, Cherry and Wenge. Certain models of chairs and benches are also available in matte black and white lacquer finish.

The seat cushions are made from high density foam for superior comfort, support and shape retention.

The fabric for the seats is a blend of Jute and cotton with water repellant backing, making them easy to maintain and clean.

Teak wood beds at ediy

A modern collection of beds crafted in Teak wood and Teak veneer with natural, oak, walnut, cherry and wenge finishes.

The headboards are made with Teak wood structure, Teak veneer panels, Fabric tufted and upholstered

The bed frames are made in Teak wood and fitted to the Teak wood legs and the headboard. The joints are staple screwed, glued and in some models double dowelled to produce a robust and durable bed.

The mattress rests are made from plywood and fit perfectly in place when the bed is erected.

The beds are available in king and queen size double beds and single and super king-size beds.

Under bed floating and fixed type storages are made in plywood and polished with lacquers to match the bed finish. Fixed type storages come with Top hydraulic lift ups and side pull outs. Floating type storages come with castor wheels for complete sliding in and sliding out and are the best solution to keep the under bed area clean and free of dirt and insects.

Wood furniture care

Cleaning wood furniture: Always use a soft clean cloth to dust wood furniture and wipe in the direction of the grains.

What to avoid:

Care for high gloss and painted furniture

Cleaning high gloss and painted furniture: Always use a soft cloth dampened with a mild detergent solution. Surfaces should be thoroughly dried with a lint free cloth to prevent watermarks.

What to avoid:

Storages at ediy

We offer a large collection of storages for every room of the house including the kitchen and bathroom. Storages with multiple uses are also part of this straight line collection.

Various materials ranging from chemically treated KD Birch wood, Teak wood, plywood, engineered wood, veneered plywood and veneered engineered wood are used to create the vast collections of book racks, wall shelves, TV units, wardrobes, sideboards, chest of drawers, and display cabinets.

Frame structures, legs and base frames are made from chemically treated KD Birch wood and Teak wood with natural, oak, walnut and cherry lacquer finish.

The cabinets are made from plywood and engineered wood with white and black lacquer finish and also wood grain finish like oak, teak, walnut and cherry.

Shutters, doors and drawers are made from plywood and engineered wood with white and black lacquer finish and also wood grains.

The cabinet joinery is modular and fixed type with mini fix and wooden dowels.

DIY at ediy

If you want a job well done, do it yourself (DIY). We offer you some exciting and utility products which can be stacked, arranged and fitted by you, friends and family. Fixing and installing our DIY book shelves, wall shelves and book racks do not require any special tools or skills, in fact some of our DIY products only need to be stacked one of top of the other to create storage of your liking and size.

Our book and wall shelves and racks are made from Kiln Dried German Spruce wood, plywood and engineered wood and finished with clear, black, white, oak, teak, walnut and cherry lacquers.

Shutters and drawers are made from plywood and engineered wood and finished with clear, black, white, oak, teak, walnut and cherry lacquers.

The units are factory fitted and modular to be assembled and stacked by you at home.

Craftmanship at ediy

At, ediy we have developed a set of woodworking methods and standards that have become the basis for all fine joinery furniture.

We build our furniture one piece at a time using traditional techniques like floating construction, tenon and mortise joinery, box joinery, staple screwed and dowel joinery. Solid wood is subject to significant expansion and contraction resulting from moisture changes throughout the year. We use hardwood veneers when we determine the quality of furniture will be improved. An example of this is found in our insert panels of shutters, doors and headboards. Veneered panels are much more stable and provide superior longevity and fewer service issues than solid equivalents.

However, we don’t stop there. To provide the customer with the ultimate in form and function, we combine these traditional joinery techniques with modern conveniences and adaptations that make your life at home more enjoyable and that make our furniture truly second to none.

Wood at ediy

Joinery at ediy

Finishing at ediy