‚ÄčExplaining DISRUPTION of High Street Prices

At ediy.in we cut out the middleman and connect you directly with designers - saving you up to 60% off the high street prices on the way.

Our high street comparisons are based on what we consider are the closest equivalent products in terms of design & functionality. As many ediy.in products are unique, comparison products may not have the exact same design & functionality and may differ in other respects, such as materials. We make sure we're giving you a fair deal, and check prices every month.
As an example of our pricing claims, take one of the all time favorites ' The Chesterfield Sofa '.

We sell our Maya Chesterfield sofa for Rs.54,999/-.

We found three products with a similar look and style available at three leading High Street Store in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, selling between Rs.1,35,000 - Rs.1,55,000. 

We take the average price as our typical High Street Price in this case Rs.1,42,999. It's as simple as that. 

If you'd like any more information on how we work, get in touch on +91-8758599135 or by email us @ info@ediy.in.