Ediy Concept

Live the good life.

Living with design is not about trying to impress anyone but simply living well, caring about how the things around you work, how they make you feel, how they are made and seeing everyday beauty in the simple things, and taking pleasure.

The world has long been hungry for the Nordic lifestyle, with their love of design, nature, light and living the good life — it’s the Nordic state of contentment, spending time with the ones you love, in a home that is filled with light and well-loved items that fill you with everyday joy when you use them, and it’s not even a question about budgets or the size of your home.

We literally travel the end of the world to bring you the very best in design, form and functionality to help you create an empty space with endless possibilities that lead you to the home that personifies your dream.

We do it differently

Beautiful homes should not cost the Earth; cleverly designed, functional, modern furniture at suitable prices can make furnishing homes a pleasurable experience. We firmly believe high street brands give consumers a raw deal. It is you - our discerning client who has to pay for the cut going to agents, landlords and other in-between agencies.




Factory Direct Prices: No middlemen, no warehouse - directly from our units to your home.

Made-to-Order: We only produce what has been ordered, thereby saving on inventory and storage cost, which is passed on to our clients.

Never out of Stock: Since we manufacture all the products, you will always get the specific piece of furniture that you want.

Stylish and Modern Designs: We work with a team of talented designers to help us create a stylish and modern range of affordable furniture.

Free Delivery and Installation: All our products are door delivered and are 100% insured against transit damage.  Our ProFitters make sure each piece of furniture is installed hassle free.

How the Indian furniture industry works?

How ediy.in works?